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March Market Commentary

January turned out to be a very negative month for the markets. February did not start out any better, but we have had a recent rally which was welcomed. Here is how March is shaping up.

There are three main factors the markets are worried about.

The Eldercare Conversation

Eldercare is a journey. The first step is gathering information.

Care giving for an aging parent, spouse, domestic partner or close friend presents tough challenges...especially when a crisis hits and responsibility descends upon you suddenly.

Maybe your mother has fallen...perhaps due to instability caused by prescription drug side effects...and is hospitalized with a broken hip. Or your spouse has wandered off and become lost several times. Or a long-time friend and mentor has lost a lot of weight and rarely seems to leave home.

The Five Insurance Must Haves

Insurance is, and has always been, a tool to manage risk. If you cannot afford to 'lose' something, it is best to insure it. The five types of insurance everyone should have are:

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